Build. Measure. Learn: How a lean Product Delivery Programme can help you grow faster

Richard is Head of New Product Development and has a long history of working for and with start-ups, in innovative areas of the Time Inc. UK business and recently has been working on integrating the Time Inc. UK. Ltd Lab into the business, for the past 12 months. Promoted to his current role from Head of Mobile, where he was responsible for Time Inc. UK Ltd.’s mobile product strategy and driving best practice, Richard previously led the delivery of Time Inc. UK’s titles to all major digital newsstands.

Andrew Sanders is Commercial Director New Product Development. He has worked throughout the Time Inc. portfolio predominantly in creative solutions and digital advertising functions.  Andrew has worked with a diverse range of clients (from Unilever to Rough Trade records) and technology suppliers to create effective, innovative communications solutions that have meaningful results]

The both agree that to stay competitive and seize opportunities, the way in which media companies approach new product launches and brand development needs to change – with consumer insight and data being used to quickly test and validate ideas then accelerate growth.

Since launch eighteen months ago the Time Inc. UK Innovation Lab has tested over 60 potential product ideas in the real world, using minimal budget, and taken six through to the next level for the company to invest in.

Richard and Andrew will run through three examples of how the Time Inc. UK Lab rapidly test consumer demand, starting with Insight then use accelerated build, measure and learn principles to deliver.

They will use these as practical examples to demonstrate how the lab test cycle works and the key role that data and insight play in the process.  They will talk through an example driven from consumer insight, one borne out of business insight and imperatives and finally one that blends all of these elements together and takes virtual testing into the real world of content and magazine distribution.

Throughout each example Richard and Andrew will indicate how they are innovating in the editorial and commercial arenas for each product. 

Time Inc. UK is just one of 12 media and digital companies who have confirmed that they will be part of the FIPP London Media Tour programme. To read who else is on the Tour, click on the ‘Programme’ tab, on our website.

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