BurdaInternational opens African headquarters for Education Media in Rwanda

Stephanie Zeter and Christian Yurt, two key resources, have moved to Kigali and will soon be joined by more staff from the African region.

“We are extremely excited about this development. We feel Burda, as a media and technology company with a strong background in printing services, brings a unique expertise to the African markets. Our new headquarters in Kigali gives us great scope to expand our operations on the continent”, said Christophe Barth (pictured), director Africa and India BurdaInternational.

Kigali is the capital as well as the economic and transport hub of Rwanda, making it an ideal location for servicing clients in the region. Key markets such as Kenya and Ethiopia are only a short flight, enabling Burda to be close to customers and be heavily involved in the implementation of their projects and field operations.

Having printed over 100 million books for the region, Burda has already established an excellent business reputation in Africa, with its current offer of printing, pre-press, production, packaging, distribution, content and design, translation and other services.

Find out more about the announcement here.

BurdaInternational is a member of FIPP.

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