Major Chinese publishers partner with PressReader to bring newspapers and magazines to the world

PressReader and CIBTC will bring China’s leading newspapers and magazines to the world. This initiative will have a lasting impact for millions of readers, delivering what will become the largest collection of Chinese content in digital form to PressReader’s rapidly growing global audience. The content will be rolled out to over 300 million individual subscribers and PressReader users who receive sponsored access to the service.

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“This partnership has been several years in the making,” says PressReader’s chief content officer, Nikolay Malyarov. “We’re thrilled to play such a major role in bringing Chinese content to the world. China’s international influence continues to grow, and this partnership will help readers everywhere to gain a more informed, balanced view on all things Chinese.”

Operating since 1999, PressReader has taken on an incredible growth trajectory following a rebrand in 2013. PressReader provides unlimited, all-you-can-read digital access to thousands of newspapers and magazines for patrons and employees of libraries, governments, universities, hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise ships and other businesses throughout the world. This content is available to download and read on their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops, both online and through PressReader’s native iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows applications.

Some 50 million Chinese nationals live abroad, and more than 100 million Chinese nationals travel internationally each year. They will now be able to enjoy up-to-date access to complete versions of their favourite Chinese publications, regardless of where they are in the world. PressReader’s breadth of content and unique features make it a highly personalised experience for each of these readers, allowing them to dive deep into their favourite news sources and subjects, from politics to sports, fashion to cooking.

PressReader is particularly excited about the impact this partnership will have in terms of connecting Chinese travellers and expats, as well as empowering new generations of readers interested in Chinese publications, including language learners, journalists, business operators, arts and culture lovers and travel enthusiasts alike. Thanks to the availability of PressReader’s instant translation for some titles, this content will even be accessible for those who don’t read Chinese.

PressReader’s chief commercial officer, Igor Smirnoff, emphasises the importance of this announcement for PressReader’s thousands of business partners. “The largest linguistic group in the world now has access to their favorite content through our global business partners, making PressReader a must-have for any organisation that serves Chinese-speaking clientele.”

PressReader is a member of FIPP.

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