Condé Nast International launches Vogue Business

Vogue Business ()

Vogue Business


Drawing on knowledge and Vogue’s access of 29 markets around the globe, the new digital publication will be informed from the people on the ground who know best, and more importantly, know first. 

Vogue Business is its own separate entity from the other publications under Condé Nast International, as well as having its own distinctive voice. Headed by chief-editor Lauren Indvik, the central team will be based in Condé Nast International’s London headquarters.

“In a consolidating media landscape, the launch of a new global title is a rare thing,” says Wolfgang Blau, president of Condé Nast International.

“No one else in the world employs more fashion journalists in more places than we do. Our global network of journalists, digital editors and researchers are immersed in the relevant fashion trends on all inhabited continents, giving the team of Vogue Business access to an unparalleled depth of knowledge, from local design trends to changes in manufacturing, training, technology and distribution.” 

With a global perspective, the team will examine every market around the world, from China to the United States. The title will cover the critical crossover between fashion and technology, the driving force of change in the industry at the moment, as well as analysis of trends and the implications of global market dynamics, from climate change to geopolitics. 

As well as its content, a striking graphic identity is another core part of the Vogue Business brand (not to mention the Vogue Business electric blue hue). Rooted in facts and data, Vogue Business aims to deliver industry professionals insights in visually-led formats.


Lauren Indvik ()

Lauren Indvik


“We take a new global, visual and data-driven approach to journalism,” says Lauren Indvik, chief-editor of Vogue Business. “Our journalism is designed for maximum impact and accessibility, making it easy to understand key ideas at a glance, and to enable fashion leaders to make the decisions that will grow and future-proof their businesses and careers.” 

Vogue Business marks a new way of launching titles for Condé Nast International. The title took eight months to test and develop by a specialist team separate from the rest of the business. After extensive research into the business-to-business space, the team identified a gap in the market. After many rounds of iterations, the team experimented with beta test pools of consumers across 29 markets. 

The result of these tests formed the beating heart of Vogue Business – its newsletter. In today’s media landscape, most publications launch with a central focus on its website. Vogue Business instead opted to launch with a newsletter, prioritising high engagement levels over audience reach. 

“Our development methodology has ensured we understand our audience intimately, thanks to in-depth user research and constant reader feedback,” says Ciara Byrne, director of business development at Condé Nast International. “Vogue Business is what our audience wants and needs.” 

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