Data in the spotlight at Digital Innovators’ Summit

Data in a variety of forms came into the spotlight in sessions at today’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, Germany.

Jean Paul Schmetz, chief scientist, Burda Media, Germany, discussed big data in B2C publishing. Highlighting several examples such as LinkedIn and Xing, Netflix, Facebook,  Amazon and Google, companies he advised publishers should closely follow and understand. Accordingto Schmetz big data should not change “magazine-making” per se. However, publishers should be aware that big data can throw “serious curve balls”, for example making some magazine formats ineffective in the future.

One of the benefits deriving from data is a better understanding of consumers. “Big data will neverwrite a better story,” but it enables offering your audience with more compelling content and more effective advertising.

Michael Dell (pictured), managing director, IHS Jane’s Information Services (UK), discussed big data in B2B publishing. He described how IHS thinks about big data in terms ofdescriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics and predictive analytics. Citingan example from Nike, Dell reminded delegates that “everyone is in the information business,” with data being created across all consumers’ points of engagement with a brand.

Dustin Oliver, product outreach at Chartbeat, presented how Chartbeat transformsreal-time data to enable better editorial decision-making. He described real-timedata as a “frontline” activity:  “For people who can actually act” on the data. Farfrom it encouraging link baiting to drive traffic, Oliver explained how real-time data contribute to good qualitative content decisions, which, ifrepeated often enough, will lead not only to higher audience numbers but also improved loyalty towards the brand

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