Deadline for FIPP Research Awards approaching

Entries for FIPP’s fifth annual Research Awards competition have been coming in, with others encouraged to be submitted by the deadline of 10 March.
The FIPP Research Awards will be given for the best research studies published in 2013 that promote the use of magazine media as an advertising medium, anywhere in the world. Magazine media includes print, digital platforms and/or any other relevant publisher channel. Judging will be carried out by FIPP’s Research Committee. 
The FIPP Research Awards were introduced in 2010, and have become an annual event. The objectives are to publicly acknowledge outstanding research, to spread knowledge about successful studies, and to stimulate ideas for further projects. 
Shown left is Marius Cloete of the UK’s Professional Publishers Association, PPA, picking up the prize as 2013’s Overall Winner and for Best Research by a National Association for its “Maganomics” study. 
The winners of the 2014 FIPP Research Awards will be announced on the evening of Monday 16 June 2014 at the FIPP Research Forum in Hamburg, Germany, during a special awards dinner. Awards will take the form of gold medals and/or silver medals within categories (the categories being dependent on the entries received).
Criteria for eligibility
To be eligible, the research:
  • May deal with any aspect of the power of magazine media
  • May cover any magazine platform, including websites, tablets, smartphones, social media, print, and any other relevant publisher channel
  • May cover a magazine or magazines of any kind, including consumer and B2B magazines, paid-for and free titles
  • May cover magazine media only, or magazines compared with or in combination with other media
  • May be qualitative or quantitative
  • May use any data collection method, or be a re-analysis of existing data
  • May have been commissioned by any kind of organisation, including but not limited to publishers, publishing associations, advertising/media agencies, research agencies, and academic institutions
  • May come from any country or combination of countries
  • Must have been first published/presented no earlier than January 2013
Continuous projects which were entered in previous years may be entered again but need to show that there was significant new material which was first published no earlier than January 2013.
What the judges will be looking for
The Awards will be given for the research projects which, in the opinion of the judges, best demonstrate the effectiveness of magazine media. Among the judges’ considerations will be:
  • The strength of the evidence presented
  • The significance of the topic(s) studied
  • Technical excellence and innovation in methods, new research tools, or analyses
  • The extent to which the research helps to sell the magazine medium
  • The reception and use of the study in the marketplace
  • The applicability of the study elsewhere (including in other countries), either in terms of the study’s results or its methodology
Submitting entries
Entries and enquiries should be submitted to FIPP’s research consultant, Guy Consterdine. The deadline for entries is 10 March 2014 but earlier submission would be appreciated.
The Awards give public recognition to specific studies and their sponsoring companies and research agencies. FIPP and the judges also wish to give public recognition to the key individuals behind the studies. Accordingly, entries should list the key decision-making personnel involved from the sponsors, the research agencies and/or any other relevant organisation. The nominated individuals on the winning entries will receive personal certificates.
Entries should consist of
  • A one, two or three page summary of the objectives, context, method and results of the study
  • The published report, presentation or other published materials, sufficient to explain the study in detail
The 1-3 page summary should include the following information: 
  • The title of the project
  • Names of commissioning company, research agency and any other relevant organisation/consultancy
  • Names and affiliations of key decision-making individuals involved on the project
  • Main goals of the study
  • Method
  • Main findings
  • Any indication of impact on the market or other feedback
  • Date of first publication/presentation
  • Contact details
The summary must be in English. The supporting material is preferred in English, and if the study is short-listed for the awards, sufficient material must be made available in English for the judges to be able to reach a conclusion.
Anyone submitting both a Research Awards entry and a Research Forum synopsis on the same research study should make this clear.

It is a condition of entry that FIPP may publish on its website or elsewhere the summaries of each entry. Entering for the awards indicates acceptance of this.

More about the FIPP Research Forum and Awards.

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