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The Innovation in Magazine Media 2015-2016 World Report looks at the key issues facing magazine media today and tomorrow. The in-depth focus includes mobile, video, data, content, mobile advertising, native and programmatic advertising to social media, newsletters, events and print, with some offbeat examples thrown in. 

On mobile:

“Mobile is the Wild West: it’s where everyone’ scale is coming from.”

Shane Smith, founder and CEO, Vice

“There are three primary motivations for publishers to adopt a mobile site: Revenue potential; Fear of Google’s algorithm; and consumer perception.”

Fiona Salmon, publishing solutions director, Vibrant Media

Forty per cent of mobile shoppers clicked on mobile ads and almost half did what the ad suggested.

Millward Brown Digital & Media Predictions Report

On video:

Online video ads have a higher impact than TV ads on all effectiveness metrics

IAB/Nielsen Online Video Study

“A significant percentage of our views come from YouTube, but we’ve seen an incredible amount of growth and viewership through the Facebook player.”

Ze Frank, president, BuzFeed Motion Pictures

On programmatic advertising:

“Two or three years from now, I can’t imagine a marketing decision being made without using programmatic.”

Walter Knapp, CEO, sovrn

“There’s no way we are eliminating our sales teams. It’s a synonym for automation, a better booking mechanism, not a back door to lower rates. It frees up time for our buyers and sellers to be more creative.”

Rick Welch, head of programmatic sales, Condé Nast

At Forbes, programmatic revenue has doubled two years in a row, reaching 30 per cent of the publisher’s revenue

 According to Folio:

More than a quarter of publishers, marketers and agencies manage a minimum of 60 per cent of their digital media programmatically.

AdExchanger Survey

On social media

“The important nuance is understanding the differences between and among the social media platforms, and then adjusting how you use them.”

Ken Doctor, media analyst

“In terms of the currency with which businesses are evaluated, having a sizeable social presence is adding value to your brand in a way that you would suffer if you did not have it.”

Declan Moore, chief media officer, National Geographic Society

“Social media is like a giant cocktail party: You can go and get drunk and talk to people and leave and it’s a giant waste of time, or you can go with a clear head and be smart about it and develop relationships, gather some business cards, and make sales down the road. It depends on the sophistication of the person using the platform and knowing that each platform has a different character.”

Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates

Top tips include:

–          How to measure mobile user engagement

–          Eight rules for mobile advertising success

–          BuzzFeed’s six social media best practices

–          14 strategies to detect and prevent digital ad fraud

–          Five techniques to take magazine media newslettters to the next level

–          Four developments expected in the explosive growth of native advertising use and revenue

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