Digital Innovators’ Summit 2013 programme shaping up

The Digital Innovators’ Summit 2013 conference is coming together nicely and we are excited to reveal more details about the programme.

Conference sessions include:

  • Trends in Media Consumption – Explores how people, especially young people, really consume media now and where the future of media consumption may be headed.
  • Publisher Relevance in the Age of Owned, Earned and Paid Media – The new trifecta of “owned, earned and paid media” can be a scary proposition for publishers.  With marketers pouring more and more resources into owned and earned media, how can publishers stay relevant?  Are they limited to just a slice of shrinking paid media budgets, or is there more they can do to support the goals of marketers? Hear the latest research and recommendations on this topic from one of the foremost thought leaders in digital media.
  • Paid Content – Successfully Selling Subscriptions to News Online – Subscriptions to digital content can work. Two key players that have successfully implemented paid content models – The New York Times for its own content on digital platforms, Press+ for hundreds of US newspapers – share insights, experiences and best practices.
  • Digital Advertising – Digital advertising, and the whole ecosystem around it, continue to advance and change.  With marketers employing social media and their own digital assets, and RTBs enabling targeted advertising at low rates, various perspectives are presented on how can publishers still be relevant and successful with digital advertising.
  • Big Data – The collection of data combined with analysis and intelligent systems is revolutionizing business.  This session focuses on how publishers can act on the data they collect to extract actual business value.
  • Social Discovery – Increasingly social media is critical in building reach by allowing users to discover new and relevant content.  Social discovery enables people to find new content, brands and products based on their social connections and interests.  This session will show how publishers can use social discovery and social media to help achieve their business objectives.
  • Digital Commerce for Publishers – This session focuses on ways publishers can drive additional revenues with digital commerce (e-commerce, social commerce, mobile commerce) with their content and brands as well as leverage social networks and media to increase the potential customer pool.
  • Paid Subscription Platforms – Leaders of successful paid subscription platforms share their approaches, efforts, best practices and results.
  • Content on Tablets and Mobile Devices – Renowned publishers share their approaches and experiences with content deployment on tablets and mobile devices including efficient and cost effective ways to approach the wide variety of devices on the market now and in the future.

These sessions and more will be addressed by 30 plus speakers from companies such as The New York Times, Huffington Post, Future, Hubert Burda Media, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, The Sunday Times, Press+, Presse, Tumblr, Foursquare, Cheez Burger, WPP, AKQA, Axel Springer, Piano, Salesforce, Vocatus, Chartbeat, Altimeter, IHS, Jane’s, Arena Media and Responsive Ads.

Don’t miss this event – register now! Early Bird Discount until 31 January 2013.

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