What ecommerce opportunities can Virtual Reality offer?

Infinite 360º‘s Dan Morrow, New York Operations Executive, and Ed Morris, US Strategy and Partnerships Director, are amongst the speakers we have lined up on the FIPP New York Media Tour, taking place from 12-14 October. Offering delegates the opportunity to understand the enormous potential of VR and gain valuable insights into how it can be monetised. 

Understanding Virtual Reality and its uses

The enormous investment within the VR industry has coincided with the beginnings of mass consumer adoption.

We discuss how this technology came to be, its enormous potential and how Infinite 360º was fortunate enough to be one of the earliest adopters of Virtual Reality technology in Europe (acquiring the first professional 360º camera before any other company, the Nokia Ozo). 

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Expanding audience reach with a brand new medium

VR allows an immediate worldwide audience to experience content in a more immersive way than ever before. We will highlight how media companies can make best use of the technology and run through some of the cutting edge 360º and VR content infinite360º has already produced for many industries including:  

  • Film (X-men promo video)
  • Documentaries (Wall Street Journal editorials) 
  • Music: Hyde Park Festival The Isle of Wight Festival, Mark Ronson, Take That
  • Advertising (Bentley, L’Oreal, Seat) 
  • Medical (Kings College)

Creating a central hub for all brand content

Infinite360 is leading the way in creating Virtual Reality platforms. These platforms act as a central location/hub for all past, current and future brand content. 

We will discuss how these hubs could enable magazines to promote the overall brand and also offer a myriad of e-commerce opportunities such as “click-through to purchase” options. 

AR and future

Virtual Reality is developing so rapidly, new possibilities are opening up every day. We will offer insight into the future developments within the medium, for example the increased potential of Augmented Reality as seen from the Pokémon Go phenomenon. We will discuss current and future projects for infinite360º.

The FIPP New York Media Tour is now sold out.  For information on up-coming FIPP tours go to fipp.com/tours

If you have any questions, contact Christine Huntingford and/or Jenny Stubbs, or call on +44 20 7404 4169.

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