Egmont Ehapa relaunches YPS in Germany

Egmont Ehapa has relaunched YPS in Germany. Originally a children’s magazine launched in 1975 by G+J, YPS was acquired by Ehapa in 1999 and closed in 2000.

The relaunched magazine has been designed for those who read it previously, and are now adults. This decision was made after the publisher noticed a community of old YPS readers on Facebook. YPS went on sale on 11 October in Germany, with a print run of 120,000 and a cover price of €5.90.

The new YPS target group is men aged 25-45, and the magazine aims to remind readers of their childhoods. The launch was accompanied by a social media strategy that saw YPS’ Facebook fan page rise from 32,000 fans in April to 80,000 last week. The next issue of YPS will go on sale mid March 2013.

A YPS iPad app has also been launched in the German App store, priced at €3.99.

When the magazine hit newsstands, a TV commercial ran on relevant stations explaining YPS’ relaunch and transition:

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