eMarketer: social media, instant messaging pushing media time forward in India

The total time spent with media among the adult population in the country will grow by 5.1 per cent in 2017.

eMarketer estimates that growth, which has centred on rural populations, will continue to be fuelled by inexpensive mobile devices and affordable data plans. Adults in India are expected to spend 34 minutes with smartphones in 2017, an increase of 23.1 per cent from the previous year.

Digital media still comes in second place to TV, which will get an estimated daily time spent of 2 hours 11 minutes in 2017.

Elsewhere in traditional media, radio listenership has grown due to the expansion of FM radio. However, it is still far behind digital and TV. This year, adults in India will spend an average of 12 minutes listening to radio each day; print will take an average of 16 minutes.

“Adults in India are spending more time with all types of media than ever before, and strong growth is expected to continue in the future, thanks to digital media and the rural population,” said eMarketer senior forecasting analyst Chris Bendtsen. “As more people in rural areas regularly connect to the internet due to cheaper smartphones and data plans, the average time spent with social activities like social networks and messaging will see significant increases.”

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