Exciting line up for the 2016 Digital Innovators’ West Coast Tour

If you haven’t yet booked your place, take a look at the line-up for the upcoming DI Tour and secure one of the few places left.

San Francisco

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is designed to speed up access to news for readers, but it is also aimed at helping publishers to make money from a readership

Brown Institute for MediaInnovation explores how technology can change the way media is created, distributed, or consumed.

Buzzfeed’s Open Lab looks at new ways of telling stories through hardware and software and makes their products available to the public open-source and instantly.

LinkedIn – what’s on the horizon for news and media publishers?

Contextly makes high-quality editorial tools for news sites and other publications, to help them increase engagement and page-views.

Storied enables publishers to create custom app experiences for the mobile web and is poised to take Snow Fall-like storytelling to its next level.

Optimizely is a website optimisation platform that enables publishers to make dynamic changes to their websites, test the variations to live traffic, gather immediate results, and start achieving goals. 

Los Angeles

Hello Giggles founded by Zooey Deschanel frequently publishes articles by young women under 18, and maintains a vibrant monthly youthful readership—today, averaging 17 million separate viewers a month.

Awesomenesstv is a multi-channel network with 90,000 YouTube channels and over 3,300,000 subscribers. The network creates media targeted at teens and millennials.

Tastemade bills itself as a food and travel video network for the mobile generation, reaches over 100 million monthly active viewers across its network, and is seeing over 1 billion views monthly, including views from Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and other sites.

VICE is arguably the most successful millennial-targeted media producer in the industry.Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to learn from a Vice insider exactly how this growth was achieved.

Fullscreen is a global youth media company that develops online creators and produces multi-platform entertainment experiences. The company’s network, technology, and services change the way content is produced, distributed, and consumed by more than 600 million massively engaged subscribers.

CrossCut Ventures is of the companies funding this new wave of startup activity in Los Angeles. It is venture capital firm, which recently added US$75. to its fund. 

ID PR offers a full range of services including media relations, creative marketing, branding and digital strategy in entertainment, lifestyle and pop culture.  

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