What’s behind the boom in native advertising and programmatic buying?

The infographic, based on a study by Purch and Advertising Perceptions, looks at what’s attracting marketers, their plans for each approach, and what they view as major challenges. 
Yahoo! Advertising reports that advertising and programmatic ad buying are two of the industry’s fastest-growing trends. Some 78 percent of high-level ad executives now buy ads via programmatic platforms, according to this infographic, and native advertising is forecast to grow 300 percent from 2013 to 2015.
The top benefits shown are:
Programmatic: 46 percent of agencies say buying premium inventory more efficiently; 45 percent of marketers say reaching target audiences more efficiently
Native: 71 percent of marketers say improved branding; 65 percent say increased sales and conversions
The top challenges are:
Programmatic: 54 percent of marketers say lack of premium inventory
Native: 46 percent  say insufficient reporting and ROI metrics

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