Final call: Join top speakers and hundreds of colleagues in Vegas next week

But if there is a chance you can still make it; this is final call to register and join us there.

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Plan your schedule

The program starts at 12:30 pm on 12 November, running through to 6 pm with a single keynote channel. From 7 pm we have our Opening Drinks and Awards evening (all delegates are invited).

We begin the speaker program again at 9 am on the 13 November, when we split into three speaker channels, ending the day at 6 pm.

Finally, from 9 am to 1 pm on 14 November, we whisk around the world to look at several elements making up magazine media today. From the USA to South Africa, Argentina and Brazil, from India to Chinese Taipei, and from Japan to Germany and the UK.

Take a look at the agenda (make sure to look at all three channels on the 13th) to see more and to help you decide how you will customise your event experience between the speakers you’d like to see and people you’d like to meet.


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Arrange those meetings!

Networking and doing business is a big part of any FIPP event. Once you have registered, use our Deal Room platform to see who else is attending and to arrange one-to-one meetings. Here’s who you may meet. 

We have delegates from 35 countries already on board – from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America and representing some of the most iconic media businesses in the world. Most are from our host country, the US, with 33 per cent of delegates, followed by the UK with 14 per cent, Canada with 10 per cent, Japan with 7 per cent and Germany with 8 per cent.

They are a senior-level audience, including decision-makers at virtually every function of the business. 21 per cent are C-level (CEOs, CFOs etc), founders and owners. 31 per cent are Managing Directors or have President, VP or Director in their titles. 25 per cent are Publishers, General and other Managers. 13 per cent are Editors or in editorial management. 10 per cent are Consultants, Academics, Students or other.


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This is really Last Chance Saloon

Time has now run out for many to still join us at the Congress. You may still have a chance to sneak in… Sign Up Now 

For questions about late hotel options and other logistics, get in touch with Natalie Butcher or Claire Jones.

We still hope to see you there!


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