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DIS 2018 takes place on 18-20 March, with the main programme on 19-20 March, in Berlin, Germany.

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Network, share and learn

Join 50+ speakers, 500+ delegates and top solution providers as we gather for DIS2018 in Berlin. Here’s a snippet of what’s on the agenda:

  • Hear what a top digital media exec at one America’s largest publishers means when he talks about the “Amazonification” of media
  • Find out what a technologist from Digg, Spotify, Google and AOL does when given a legacy media company to transform
  • Hear how, after quitting their jobs, 50 journalists built a new and profitable news business
  • Get an understanding of how you can use emerging media formats to deepen audience engagement
  • Get to grips with storytelling for voice-activated devices
  • See innovation in the areas of AI, blockchain and visual search, and understand what they could mean and do for you
  • Two publishers, one B2B and one consumer, explain why quality, not quantity, holds the key for their brands
  • Be in the audience as a board member at one of Europe’s most progressive media companies considers requirements for winning at digital media
  • Find out how social listening influences marketing and product decisions at the BBC
  • And much, much more

For more information on the agenda, speakers, and DIS overall, visit

We hope to see you at DIS in Berlin.

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