FIPP in China: Make new connections; gain fresh insights

As before, FIPP Asia will bring together speakers and delegates from across the region, offering an opportunity to develop new connections and gain fresh insights from the region in general and China in particular.

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Why should you go?


Ross Sleight header ()

Ross Sleight, Chief Strategy Officer of Somo and keynote speaker at the FIPP World Congress in London in 2017:

If you want to know the way of the world tomorrow, it is a pretty good idea to look at China right now.


James Hewes zoom ()

James Hewes, President and CEO of FIPP:

The FIPP Asia conference promises to be a crucial networking and knowledge-sharing opportunity for anyone interested in publishing and media in the region. More than 150 senior international delegates from the media industries will join more than 250 delegates from China.


Chris Llewellyn ()

Chris Llewellyn, former President and CEO of FIPP and catalyst of the 2018 partnership with CPA:

In late September 2016 the very nice people from the China Periodicals Association invited me to speak at a conference in Wuhan. It was an eye-opener for me. Not only was Wuhan an impressive and exciting city, but also the scale of the event meant I met so many people and companies new to me from all corners of China and from all areas of digital and magazine media. It certainly proved to me that there was so much more to the Chinese media landscape than my many visits to Beijing or Shanghai had assumed.


Want to know more?

Visit the FIPP Asia website at or get in touch with Claire Jones or Natalie Butcher.

We hope to see you in Wuhan!

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