FIPP Magazine World digital edition powered by YUDU

FIPP has entered an agreement with YUDU to publish the digital edition of its flagship title, Magazine World.

The Magazine World digital edition will be published five-times per-year alongside the title’s existing print edition. YUDU is a publishing support service provider, enabling professional publishers, brand owners, marketers and retailers to publish interactive, rich media content to the web, mobile and tablet.

Commenting on FIPP’s partnership with YUDU, its president and CEO Chris Llewellyn said: “FIPP’s simple but challenging goal is to help magazine media companies on their digital journey. To that end we are making our most important publication, Magazine World, available in as many digital formats and on as many platforms as possible, with the aim of showcasing just what is possible. To that end I am delighted that FIPP can now call on the expert support and capability of YUDU, a respected leader in the production of digital editions, in the publishing of the digital edition of Magazine World.”

Richard Stephenson, CEO, YUDU said: “I am excited that YUDU will be producing the digital edition of Magazine World in 2013 for the web. FIPP is delivering strong leadership and advice in this rapidly changing world of magazine publishing and I am delighted we are playing our part in providing the apps and digital communications.”

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