FIPP members: seven top tips to leverage your membership benefits

The secret of FIPP membership is this: the more active a member you are, the more you will benefit from your association with FIPP and the worldwide magazine media industry.

Here are seven top tips on how to leverage your benefits to maximise the value you derive from FIPP and the FIPP membership network.

1. We regularly want to hear your news, and so do our network – build your profile by using FIPP as your platform
Our members join and use FIPP for a variety of reasons – it might be to look for potential licensing deals, for insight and learning and/or for exposure. We want to share your news about your company, products and services, events, and your people. You are automatically listed as a member in our directories and Magazine World, but send us your press releases, updates and other information to share with the rest of the FIPP network – all we ask is for it to have strong editorial value and be relevant to other members. If you feel like contributing to with guest posts, let us know. If of interest to other members, we’ll gladly publish your contribution. Simply email Amy Duffin with your press releases, news updates, and/or guest posts. It will cost you nothing.

2. Participate in events – use face-to-face opportunities to your benefit
All our events are designed to provide opportunities to take stock of developments in the industry, to consider future challenges and opportunities, product and service innovations and to network, share ideas and build relationships. It provides most (if not all) of a very few opportunities where industry peers from the world over can come together to meet and share ideas – face-to-face – as we build toward the future. Delegates from member companies get 30 per cent off on all delegate tickets, whether at the pre-agenda, early bird or standard offer stage. Members get discounts on all offers, as well as priority booking opportunities in the commercial expo theatres. Contact Claire Jones for more on our events. Contact Stuart Hands-Bellion and/or Andre Glazier  for more about FIPP commercial opportunities – advertising, sponsorship and exhibitions.

3. Send us research and/or case studies you want to share – showcase your expertise
We include many research reports and case studies a year in our research publications, as well as on Whether it is an innovation case study, a research report on audience trends, or any other report with insights of value to the industry, we want to hear from you. Email Helen Bland with your research reports and updates.

4. Get access to members’ only content, including our research publications – benefit of all your staff
Members have free access to content such as the digital editions of our research publications (and of the bi-monthly Magazine World), event presentations and other members’ contact details. Every person in your company is entitled to these benefits. It is an opportunity for them to get access to reports with the latest data, trends and insights to use in their day-to-day tasks and in developing their understanding of challenges and opportunities in the industry. Get them listed with your membership to share in the wealth of industry-specific information we provide – it is totally free with your company membership. Get in touch with Cobus Heyl for help.

5. Use our databases – build market intelligence
We offer several tools to help build market and other intelligence. Use our directories for information about FIPP member companies, their areas of business and to get contact details, use Media Passport and publications such as the digital editions of World Magazine Trends and Digital Media Factbook for worldwide media data. Build market intelligence, free with your membership. Contact Helen Bland if you want to know more.

6. Participate in our professional development programmes – share in the latest industry (and related) thinking, meet international colleagues
Our professional development programmes, apart from the learning they provide through specialist modules and module leaders, offer an opportunity to engage with international peers, building an invaluable and lasting network of industry contacts. Members can do so at a significantly reduced rate. Christine Huntingford can tell you more about our professional development programmes.

7. Get in touch – work with us to serve you, even better
We run regular membership and other surveys to ensure our services remain relevant to you. But why give us feedback only then? Just like you, we’re constantly evolving. Simply contact Cobus Heyl to discuss your objectives and how to leverage benefits to achieve those objectives, with any other membership-related questions and suggestions. We want to hear from you.

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