FIPP training programme class of 2015 graduates

MBMC 2015 graduates ()

The first part of the week saw Duncan Chater, group publishing director at Hearst, UK, discuss ways of maximising commercial opportunities in today’s multi-platform world followed by Richard Flaye leading the Strategic Planning for Publishers module.

The week ended with trip to Augsburg, Germany, for the final paper session with MBMC Sponsor, UPM.

The participants’ time with UPM was spent learning about paper and making the right choice for the magazine brand. Learning about the different paper grades, and understanding the role paper plays on the environment. The participants were then taken on a tour of the impressive Augsburg mill – and shown both the recycling plant, how old waste is converted into recycled fibres, then saw up close paper making in action.

The week concluded on Thursday night with a graduation ceremony and dinner, where participants were awarded with their graduation certificates by Chris Llewellyn, president and CEO FIPP and Ruud van den Berg, Senior Vice President Magazine Publishing & Advertising, UPM. Three distinctions, three passes with merits and three passes were awarded.

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