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How WhichIt can help publishers create more engaging content from image-based polls

Image-based social platform, WhichIt, allows you to instantly create image-based social media polls, which can be a more impactful way to drive sales, build brand affinity and understand market trends. 

The WhichIt for Business platform allows for image-based polls that can be shared online and across various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  They can create a “call to action” and can provide publishers with the power to monetise their content in an engaging way. 

Jonathan Gan, Founder and CEO of WhichIt, will appear on the FIPP London Start-up Tour this November. The tour will introduce you to leaders throughout the industry and provide you with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the London media and digital scene. 

Jonathan spoke to Danielle Ricketts about the image-based social platform and the benefits of using WhichIt for publishers, ahead of his appearance.

What is the main aim of WhichIt?

Whichit leverages the power of choice to enhance interaction between brands and consumers. We aim to allow brands, marketers and bloggers to give their audience a voice. In return we allow the publishers to discover trends, and turn social media activity into revenues and actionable insights in a way that consumers love. 

Why would magazine publishers benefit from using WhichIt? 

Whichit is an image-based social platform that allows users and businesses to crowdsource opinions by sharing image based polls. Whichit Pro, our platform for professionals provides marketers with a more impactful way to drive sales, build brand affinity and understand market trends. 

Whichit Pro allows for image-based polls to be shared across publishers’ online assets by embed on their website and blog, as well as their various social network channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). The interactive Whichit polls also contain a ‘call to action’ as a natural part of the user experience. This provides publishers with new opportunities to monetise their content in a way that consumers enjoy to engage with.

On top of new monetisation opportunities, Whichit Pro also provides publishers with a powerful platform to discover and analyse consumer trends in real time. 

What is the main advantage of using WhichIt for magazine media companies?

Whichit Pro is a tool to instantly create highly engaging content, by taking content already published by the magazine and turning it into catchy, image-based polls.

Magazines can then use Whichit’s content in several manners: 

  • Monetise existing web assets by embedding the polls as interactive polls to their web-pages, and directing traffic to their advertisers web-pages
  • Easily sharing these polls to their social channels and drive higher engagement 
  • Analyse consumer preferences and trends in order to better target advertisers with up to date consumer preference information

What makes WhichIt stand out from its competitors?

Whichit won several awards, including being recognised as Facebook’s App of the Year for EMEA region, because we listened to our target audience and created an App that users love to engage with. Our App measures an average time of four minutes and engagement levels of 30 per cent on our user app. 

We took these capabilities and recognising the power of our platform, created a unique tool for professional marketers called Whichit Pro. 

By providing consumers with a simple and fun app, and professionals with a powerful tool we managed to create a platform where consumers and brands can engage with each other in a direct and effective manner. 

Why are you excited about appearing on the London Start-up Tour in November?

We feel honored and privileged to meet the members of FIPP. At the beginning we have been focused on the fashion segment, targeting consumers and brands in this sector. We now wish to expand into more sectors.

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The FIPP London Start-up Tour will take place on 16-18 November 2015. Other companies already confirmed on the Tour include:

Companies that will feature on the Tour include*:

• Adavow - removes duplication from remarketing to consumers who have already converted

• Adludio - delivers compelling, effective and memorable brand advertising that works across all connected devices

• Adoreboard - social analytics business voted “Best tech start-up” by former Chairman of Intel. Working with leading advertisers to help measure and optimise audience sentiment

• AppMojo - an ad-tech platform for optimising in-app advertising, helping publishers to maximise mobile ad revenues while preserving user experience. 

• Enreach - technology that helps publishers turn audience data into profit. They provide solutions for advertising (targeting and reporting analytics) and editorial optimisation.

• EmailSwitchBoard - behavioural data over-laid onto email 

• Lancelot Media London - through RoundTable, we look to make data usable and actionable for marketeers, ultimately resulting in increased and improved results for both advertisers and publishers.

• OnScroll - ad serving optimisation

• Openr - content marketing to drive subscriptions

• Outbrain - is a content recommendation platform whose content marketing module offers to help publishers increase web traffic by presenting them with relevant website links.

• Sharethrough - publishers can manage their entire native ad strategy, from direct sale prospecting and execution to yield management and network optimisation.

• Sliide - provides users with a personalised story feed on their Android phone, featuring news stories, other content and offers

• TouchCast - is a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web

• Unruly - the first mobile video exchange to guarantee the viewability of premium video impressions bought via Real Time Bidding (RTB

If you want to see the full timetable download the London Start-up Tour Programme.

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If you have any questions, simply email Christine Huntingford and/or Jenny Stubbs.

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