FIPP’s first executive programme kicks-off

FIPP’s first Executive Programme for Innovation and Change is taking place this week in Saïd Business School, which is part of Oxford University.
It was evident on day one that the challenges and issues facing media companies, regardless of size, geographic location or market maturity are the same – with the top three recurring issues being: structuring your company for the future, understanding your customer and maximising your assets (commercially).
While labour laws around the world vary, it is felt that changing staff that are ill-equipped for the future or are unwilling to adapt, is also another debilitating factor to being able to progress and innovate.
The challenges of the 21st century, such as an ageing population/low proportion of younger people (despite there being a significant increase in global population) were also brought into the strategic discussions.
EPIC is a week-long programme for senior management looking after magazine media companies or divisions who are looking for ways to foster innovation and encourage change while at the same time managing their current business. If you would like more information, contact Christine Huntingford.

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