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Licensing print magazines has been happening for many decades, and up until the global economic crisis in recent years, the process and the contracts were fairly standard. Nowadays, with both the crisis and the explosion of digital platforms, terms between publishers changed. Generally they were shortened, royalties were lowered and rights were being granted across a range of platforms.

Despite these shifts, cross-border publishing is still active, an important part of the magazine media model and not least, profitable. It therefore remains a major opportunity for magazine media and for that reason, FIPP’s Magazine Brand Management Course (MBMC) dedicates and entire day to this topic. Participants learn about how important it is to make the right decision when choosing a partner, what to ask and what to look out for with Mike Greehan, partner and COO, Cue Ball, USA.

In a quick-fire interview with Greehan, we asked him three simple questions about the changes he has seen in recent years, and what he thinks the future holds.
Where are we now?
Media companies around the world recognise the advantages of international relationships. Some have assets that would be of interest to media companies in other countries. Some need such assets. The majority of international agreements are still the traditional license model and the traditional syndication model, but we are moving into a time of non-traditional types of international models.

Where are we going?
Newer international relationships are becoming more involved (exchange of more assets) and more interesting. Digital media has brought us more revenue share arrangements rather than simply royalty arrangements, even with traditional print brands. Many deals now are closer to partnerships than licenses. Content and technology are becoming more powerful as assets.

How does your module benefit/facilitate that?
The MBMC’s International Publishing module is about fully knowing what assets you or your prospective partner have or need, and finding a way to create a mutually beneficial relationship.  We even practice negotiating an international agreement between teams, by the end of the day.  It is also about the questions, answers, advantages, pitfalls and cautionary tales of international relationships. What to do, how to do it, and what to be wary of.

About the MBMC
International Licencing is just one of the 13 modules covered in the MBMC programme. This course is aimed at magazine-media executives, who want to:

  • Learn strategies and tactics about magazine-media publishing
  • Improve the results of their magazine media brands
  • Further their career

FIPP’s MBMC starts on 3 February 2014 and will take place over three weeks in London (with the other two sessions running in April and June).

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Mike Greehan is also the co-author of WMM: Licensing and Syndication Explained – a handy guide to starting your magazine media licensing journey. Order a copy of the licening handbook here:

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