Meredith’s Fitness Magazine launches SweatTV

Hosted on, SweatTV will offer an extensive library of user-friendly and highly navigable workout videos and deliver a degree of viewing flexibility that can be difficult to attain in a typical online environment.

Videos will be accessible—uninterrupted, mobile-device optimised and commercial-free for a 24-hour period—to visitors who agree to view a full sponsored message before beginning. Those who choose to become members of the site gain ongoing unrestricted access to the videos simply by signing in.

The videos and the introductory sponsor messages are delivered using “engagement player” technology Meredith acquired with the purchase of Selectable Media, a native and engagement-based advertising company, earlier this year. That format, says Melissa Inman, general manager of and, offers a better user and advertiser experience than the more common pre-roll advertising, which can prove especially frustrating to navigate when consuming very abbreviated workout video clips.

“We wanted to create a more premium viewing environment where you can watch more complete workouts without all the commercial interruptions, and have that experience wherever you are on a mobile device,” Inman says. “We’ve taken a lot of video that was available in small, individual-move pieces and arranged them in a playlist format so they can play uninterrupted in a more long form, class-workout style.”

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Source: MinOnline

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