Five reasons why you should attend the FIPP Congress in Rome

Chris Llewellyn, president and CEO of FIPP – the worldwide magazine media association, gives five of the many reasons you should attend the FIPP Congress from 23-25 September 2013 in Rome, Italy.

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1.    Learn and build long-lasting international relationships:
I went to my first FIPP congress in 1987 in Paris as a bright, thrusting young executive, as the research director for Emap in London, working on new project developments. I met really clever people from around the world talking about case studies and magazine industry trends, and I discovered two things. One was that the presentations themselves really opened your eyes. For a national publisher suddenly to realize that there was a bigger world out there was very exciting. The second thing was unexpected – I realized that the congress was a great networking event. I met people there that I’ve stayed in touch with for a long, long time.

2.    Meet influencers. Do business:
The FIPP World Magazine Congress is the place where the industry’s most important people gather, and the programme addresses the hottest topics in the magazine media industry, bearing in mind that the reason FIPP exists is to keep members informed so they can create better businesses. At the World Magazine Congress there will also be conversations that lead to business opportunities. When I was running around the world with FHM, I went to the congress in Hamburg in 1999, and my colleague Simon Greaves and I did seven deals. That element of doing business has always been there. The beauty of the congress is that it’s the decision-makers who go. You’re not talking to people who have to go back and get permission. I fully expect that more deals will be done.

3.    Consider the hottest industry trends:
I’ve noticed a significant shift in the last six to nine months, in that the way the consumer is demanding digital content is moving faster than some publishers expected it to move. The analogue world, the print world, still has opportunities and magazines are still being launched. But the trend that I don’t think all publishers have realized is the speed of change – the consumer wants content in a digital form. Furthermore, the Congress will also host a commercial exhibition, where you will learn from and be able to engage with leading industry service providers from around the world (note: the exhibition area is already sold out!).

4. Learn with and from B2B publishers:
B2B publishers saw the digital train coming. Consumer publishers have got a lot to learn from the B2B experience. That’s why at the Rome conference we’ve introduced more sessions to allow more B2B experiences to be discussed. The message I want to get over is, our digital future is no longer in the future – it’s our digital present. If you’re not experimenting with digital now, you’re too late.

5. It’s Rome!
Rome is a tremendously popular destination. I go around the world speaking to people, and they’re very excited about going there. The social side of the conference will be set against the background of the eternal city. What’s there not to like?

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