Focus on advertising: Socialbakers quarterly ads benchmark reveals newsfeed ads dominate

Facebook advertising is serious business. With over US$1 billion a month being spent on the platform, Socialbakers ad analytics issued its quarterly review of Facebook ads.

Trends & Tips: Facebook advertising in Q2 2014 reveals newsfeed ads dominate click through rates (CTRs) and share of spend. CTRs across Facebook increased in Q2 from 0.24% to 0.302%. Newsfeed ads continued to dominate, although the CTR dropped slightly on mobile newsfeed ads. Socialbakers expect to see this trend continue. 
Socialbakers concluded that in terms of ad placement, the key takeaway for advertisers is that both CTR and cost per click (CPC) are increasing. This shows a healthier advertisign ecosystem with more competition, making it more essential than ever to target ads as well as possible. 

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