Forget what you think you know about YouTube. Video is a small part in winning at online video.

So how can video creators best prepare their content and process for this fragmented world? Multi-platform mastery requires a unique blend of creative content, planning, experimentation, real-time iteration, and engagement with fans. It also means making more content beyond your video. Multiple edits for preview clips, outtakes, one-liners, action shots, stills, and even GIFs and memes are used to carry your story across platforms.

General tips

Establish accounts on every social and video platform where you may have fans. Experiment with publishing and building community on each platform. The platforms may not pay out directly today, but the landscape is changing quickly and they may payout tomorrow or be important to landing a big brand deal.

Think about creating six to 12 additional pieces of content for every video you publish. You should share these on social before and after a video release. This is a way to extend your storytelling, keep top of mind with your audience, and make sure all your fans catch your content in fast moving feeds. You can derive these stills and clips from your main video.

Outtakes, one-liners, and stills are a great lead up on social media to remind your audience a video will be published soon.

Social media platforms disseminate information to fans quickly, so tightly edited preview clips published on those platforms are powerful reminders that you have just released new content on YouTube.

Sharing GIFs, memes, and one-liners related to your video on social in the days and weeks after you publish a video is a great way to keep content alive and catch to fans who may have missed the video release.

Source: VentureBeat

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