Are you responsible for fostering innovation within a magazine media company?

Do you have to re-imagine not only your organisation, but also your business sector’s reason for being? If you have to innovate your way to a better future, but you don’t have a no clear view of utopia, and no proven route to success to learn from – discover new ways by attending the Executive Programme for Innovation and Change (EPIC), next July.

EPIC was born in 2014, with the dilemmas facing each magazine media leader today in mind. Offered with the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, it brings together senior executive magazine media leaders, as well as experts from other industries to build better understanding of forces at play, and ways in which to drive your business through this period of mammoth change.

One such expert is former Oxford Associate Fellow, IDEO director and innovation expert Alan South. He guides participants through a structured and highly practical discussion of what they can do to foster innovation in their business.

EPIC is divided into five core areas, each led by experts in highly interactive sessions:

1. Accepting the challenges of a disrupted industry 

2. Developing strategies for tomorrow, today

3. Leading and fostering innovation, so that it is and in-built part of your business strategy

4. Discovering (and improving) your leadership style and qualities 

5. Leading through change

EPIC is an exclusive course, open only to a selected number of high-level participants to ensure you benefit not only from the formal programme, but also through the engagement in “neutral” territory with peers.

For more details and to register visit or email Christine Huntingford.

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