Four phenomena that will affect magazine media publishing

“The 2014 edition of Innovations in Magazine Media World Report will be the most important we have ever published,” says John Wilpers, one of its editors.
“Why? Because there are four phenomena exploding on the magazine media front that will affect publishing for years to come: native advertising, big data, mobile as the dominant platform, and video.
In years past, we have documented emerging trends and new ideas, but this year has been stunning for the speed with which these four phenomena have moved from the idea stage to becoming critical elements of success right now.
Native advertising is revolutionising the world of content, advertiser-magazine relationships, advertiser-reader relationships, and revenue models.
Big data is putting serious science and analysis behind every decision we make in magazine publishing, from content to advertising to new products.
Mobile will very soon become the dominant platform for information distribution and consumption and it is so revolutionary that some are calling it a ‘do-over’ chance for legacy media who got the whole internet thing so terribly wrong.
And video has become the most effective, most powerful, and fastest-growing method of delivering content and advertising to the largest audience, all in ways that are increasingly accessible to all publishers, not just those with big budgets. 
Of course, there will be a lot more in the book: pay walls, content sales, e and mcommerce, programmatic advertising, publishing frequency, print innovations, Google Glass, and more.”

Case studies include:

  • How to build branded content
  • What advertising works on mobile
  • Mobile-focused publishing
  • Face-to-face: the power to convene
  • Monetising chats
  • Paywalls that work
  • Print is alive and well
  • Print on demand
  • Startups to watch
  • Innovative use of video
  • Video advertising
  • Instagram, Vine and YouTube’s paid and partner channels
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