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He’ll be using real-world stories from the likes of NASA (and some puzzles involving the audience) to discuss how innovators can impact all aspects of their organisation. Sign Up Now



The webinar takes place on Thursday 30 April at 9 am EST / 2 pm BST / 3 pm CET / 9 pm HKT. Attendees will:

– Get an understanding of how “Intentional Evolution” leads to success

– Learn what NASA taught us about our creative genius

– Identify areas in your company where you can compound improvement

– Change your perception of the difficulties you encounter in your work and life

– Apply a fundamental lesson from Steve Jobs to your work and life

– Learn which company beat a (literally) trillion-to-one odds, and HOW they do it

– Your invisible growth factor superpower



Not only will attendees have free access to the webinar and receive the recording afterwards, but they will also get:

– Two free e-books — The Call to Innovate by Tom; and the other… a surprise (highly regarded non-fiction book by a famous author who’s given permission to provide to you)”

– Access to all eleven modules of Tom’s online Innovation masterclass, typically available at US $279 discounted to only $79 for webinar attendees (discount coupon details will be shared in the webinar)


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Tuesday 28 April (9 am EST, 2 pm BST, 3 pm CET, 9 pm HKT)

Re-thinking content distribution in a post-Covid wold

Our guest for this webinar is Nikolay Malyarov, CEO, International and Chief Content Officer, PressReader, Canada and Ireland. Learn more and sign up here.


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Thursday 7 May (9 am EST, 2 pm BST, 3 pm CET, 9 pm HKT)

A deep-dive into FIPP and Celera One’s quarterly Global Subscription Snapshot, due for release soon. You will hear about winners and losers, latest trends compared to previous quarters, and more. James Hewes, FIPP President and CEO, will present this webinar.


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