GLOOP! magazine offers curated content addressed to young teens

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Gloop! Magazine is currently on Kickstarter, covering world news and cultural issues in an easy-to-read format, making what is often a serious topic more approachable and palatable. 

“The modern family today is often multicultural and our environment is very diverse; people of different races, culture and creeds intermingle every day. Eventually, many of these young people will work alongside foreigners, migrate, study abroad or marry into another culture. Awareness of our differences is critical for breeding respect and tolerance among people. This also translates into sound decision-making in terms of voting, policymaking and general global awareness as they transition into adulthood.”  

“The medium/short articles and vocabulary segments make the news less intimidating and easy to grasp. The main features highlight the top stories of the moment. They give historical context for better understanding, side boxes with additional information, custom maps and/or charts.”

“Much of the content online is designed for adult audiences and can be distressing, too complex and inappropriate for young readers. Parents aren’t always around to help filter the overload of web content or sift out a story’s veracity.”

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