Hear how top brands approach content in a social-dominated media world

With social sharing on an ever increasing, exponential rise and developments with the likes of Snapchat Discover, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News, content producers find themselves well and truly in another wave of change.

Declan Moore, chief media officer of National Geographic Society, will provide delegates with an in-depth look at the brand’s social strategy, the reasons for doing what they’re doing and how they see this new world unfold.

Anne Kofol Hogarty, Buzzfeed’s VP of International Business, will provide insight into Buzzfeed’s content strategy, as well as their view of how the overall approach to content will develop into the future.

Jacob Weisberg, chairman of The Slate Group (slate.com) in a session headlined “Beyond the home page” on what publishers can do as side door content consumption within the social environment rise.

Wei Nie, from the Chinese Internet giant Tencent and in particular their wildly popular WeChat messaging platform, will talk about the keys to building communities in a mobile-driven social world.

David Lerman, co-founder and chief technology officer of Say Media, will talk about the increased consolidation of content distribution in a few, powerful platforms, and how technology can help publishers innovate and maintain at least a degree of control.

Delegates will also hear from others how social media forms part of their wider, multiplatform strategies. One such example is Lena Yang, CEO of Hearst Magazines in China, who will speak about how they use social media and real-world events to build ever-deeper audience relationships.

Join more than 60 international speakers and 700-800 delegates who will be at the FIPP World Congress in Toronto, from 13-15 October 2015.

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