Here are our 50+ speakers for FIPP London, taking place 10-11 May

If you haven’t booked your place yet, make sure tojoin them today – FIPP London takes place on 10-11 May. See the FIPP London programme here.


1.    Carolyn Morgan, Owner, Penmaen Media, UK

2.    Jim Bilton, MD, Wessenden Marketing and Brandlab Research, UK

Speakers (by last name)


1.    Anas Abbar, CEO, 7AWI, UAE

3.    John Avlon, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Beast, USA


4.    Mark Beard, SVP Digital Media and Content Strategy, The Economist, UK

5.    Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, Chief Operating Officer, MIT Technology Review, USA

6. Angela Byun, Senior Director of International Development & Strategy, Golf Digest, Condé Nast, USA


7.    Timur Cetin, VIP, Business Development (EMEA), Unruly, UK

8.    Robert Cottrell, co-founder, 1Pass, UK

9.    John Cunningham, Country Manager, WoodWing, UK and Ireland


10.Tony Danker, Chief Strategy Officer, The Guardian, UK

11.Simon Davies, Managing Director EMEA, Quartz, UK

12.Sam Dolnick, Associate Editor Digital and Lead Editor VR, The New York Times, USA


13.Duncan Edwards, President and CEO, Hearst Magazines International, USA

14.Kirsti Engedal Alfheim, head of Ad Operations at Dagbladet, Aller Media, Norway

15.Frances Evans, Director of Licensing and Advertising, Burda International, Germany

16.Justin Evans, European Digital Director, IBT Media, UK


17.Ruth Feldman, SVP Brand Development, Martha Stewart Living, USA

18.Breton Fischetti, Senior Director: Commerce, Business Insider, USA

19.Nick Flood, Head of Product Management, Dennis Digital, UK

20.Luca Forlin, Head of Strategic Partnerships EMEA/International, Google, UK


21.Darren Goldsby, Chief Digital Officer, Hearst Magazines UK


22.Andy Hart, SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Hearst Magazines International, UK

23.Andy Healy, Head of Apps and Digital Editions, Immediate Media Co., UK

24.Ophir Holder, PhD, Executive: Strategic Market Development, Amdocs, USA

25.Toby Hoon, Chief Information Officer, Immediate Media Co., UK

26.Johan Hufnagel, Deputy Director, Libération, France

27.Koos Hussem, President & CEO X-CAGO, The Netherland 


28.Jonny Kaldor, Co-founder, Kaldor Group, UK

29.Hussein Khalil, CEO, OneVision Software, Germany

30.Justin Kirby, VP Strategic Content Marketing, Tenthwave Digital, UK

31.Gerrit Klein, CEO, Ebner Verlag, Germany

32.Steffen Konrath, Founder and CEO, LIQUID NEWSROOM, Germany

33.Peter Kreisky, Chairman, The Kreisky Media Consultancy, USA

34.Genevieve Kunst, Managing Director Europe, POPSUGAR, UK


35.Jesper Laursen, CEO, Native Advertising Institute, Denmark

36.Chris Llewellyn, President and CEO, FIPP

37.Brian Ludwig, SVP of Sales, Cvent, USA


38.Joshua Macht, Publisher, Harvard Business Review, USA

39.Nikolay Malyarov, EVP, Chief Content Officer & General Counsel, PressReader, Canada

40.David McMurtie, Head of Publisher UK Partnerships, Google, UK

41.Andy Mitchell, Director of Partnerships, Facebook, USA


42.Carine Nevejans, International Director, Presstalis, and President of Distripress, France

43.Iain Noakes, Global Digital Acquisition Journey and Performance Director, The Economist, UK


44.Surash Patel, Chief Operating Officer, mGage, UK

45.Christian Price, Digital Commercial Director, Rhapsody Orchestrated Media, UK


46.Marcus Rich, CEO, Time Inc. UK, UK

47.Neil Robinson, Digital Director, Time Inc. UK, UK

48.Ingo Rübe, Chief Technology Officer, Hubert Burda Media, Germany

49.Johnny Ryan, Head of Ecosystem, PageFair, Ireland


50.Ross Sleight, Chief Strategy Officer, Somo Global, UK


51.John Wilpers, senior partner, Innovation Media Consulting, USA


52. Wolfgang Zehrt, Founder, Data Driven News Agency, Germany

Join them and other colleagues from at least 29 countries at FIPP London, taking place from 10-11 May.

FIPP London includes Worldwide Media Marketplace, FIPP Mobile, FIPP Tech and FIPP Innovation. See the FIPP London programme here.

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