Hong Kong tops Asia’s trends for internet audience and mobile penetration

Digital + Direct Marketing Association Asia’s Digital Factbook summarises the trends on various digital platforms and aspects of the online marketing ecosystem.
The report shows Hong Kong, China’s internet audience grew by 2 per cent to 4.6 million total unique visitors in 2013 compared with the previous year, and they spend an average of 23.7 hours online a week (ComScore).
With a mobile broadband subscription penetration rate at 74 per cent (We Are Social), internet usage on mobile in Hong Kong is the highest, in Asia with 96 per cent browsing the internet daily (Google).
According to Marketing Interactive, Hong Kong is following the global trend of slow growth in television advertising, but online advertising is not expected to overtake television advertising anytime soon.
Television ad revenue is forecast to be more than twice the internet ad revenue in 2018, or US$713 million more (PricewaterhouseCoopers).
About 42 per cent of advertisers in Hong Kong have indicated they will spend more in 2014.
While they will spend most of their budgets on television, newspaper and magazine ads, they will spend much of the extra money on internet advertising (Nielsen).
Among the region’s marketers, 82 per cent have indicated they will increase their advertising budgets by 6 per cent or more in 2014. They are set to spend 8 per cent more on internet display ads, 8 per cent more on social media, 3 per cent more on paid search and 2 per cent more on search engine optimisation (Nielsen). 
A shrinking proportion of the region’s consumers trusted advertising in the form of content and messaging on brand websites in 2013, but an expanding proportion trusted consumer opinions posted online (Nielsen). 
Nielsen also suggests that looking forward, social media and mobile social media will be the hottest trends in advertising in Hong Kong in 2014, followed by online video advertising and mobile apps.
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