How can Oxford University help you think about the future of your business?

By joining EPIC, you will invest in a top-level executive management course, specifically designed with magazine media leaders in mind, addressing the multitude of questions facing you as business leaders today.

In a matter of a week, in the company of highly rated experts (from outside and within the industry) and many of your industry peers, in an environment made for robust, critical and creative thought.

The programme is open only to a selected number of high-level participants in senior level positions, and we invite you to consider your participation in 2015.

It is opportunity to attend a unique course that will help you to transform and future-proof your organisation, create and align strategies and manage growth – a one-off investment, to spend five days in scenic Oxford among experts and peers, thinking, talking and engaging about business.

The Executive Programme for Innovation and Change (EPIC) will require you to think critically about where your business is today, how it got there and what you need to drive it forward through a sea of disruption and change.

FIPP’s EPIC will generate intense debate; provide useful concepts; actionable insights and helpful tools for strategic leadership and innovations. During the course of the week you will:

• Learn how to adapt for tomorrow’s changing demands

• Find ways in which to nurture innovation within your company

• Discover new solutions to those problems that are difficult to pin down

• Enhance your leadership skills 

See the EPIC timetable for the course taking place 6-10 July in Oxford, UK.

In conjunction with the Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, EPIC aims to build a better understanding of forces at play, and ways in which to drive your business through this period of mammoth change. 

For more information contact Christine Huntingford.

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