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Metrics that Matter: How magazine media drives brand KPIs

Magnetic: Metrics that Matter (Spark 2016) (Magnetic, UK)

Magazine media brands online delivered a significantly stronger impact on brand KPIs than other online environments, according to a study by Magnetic in the UK, launched at its event - Spark - on 27 September 2016. It showed a 41 per cent increase in impact on KPIs, such as purchase consideration, purchase intention and recommendation.  

Launched at Spark and commissioned with Carat, Metrics that Matter, looks at the impact of the full range of magazine media assets across both print and digital, including display and advertorial and native solutions.

Metrics That Matter also looked at the full multiplatform impact of magazine media, with the ability to double brand KPI’s by using both print and digital magazine media assets.

Looking more in depth at ways advertisers can work with magazine media, campaigns with both display and advertorial or native activity were found to be 20 per cent more impactful on brand KPI’s than those with purely display. This is due to their ability to impact multiple brand attributes – in particular trust and innovation.

Printed magazines remain the strongest opportunity for brands to express relevancy, reasserting the impact of print within magazine media.

Sue Todd, CEO, Magnetic, UK/Spark 2016 (Magnetic, UK)

Sue Todd, CEO of Magnetic, said: “It’s clear that across environments, magazine media delivers against the metrics that truly matter to brands. It’s pleasing to see that online magazine media is 41 per cent more effective at delivering brand KPIs than other online environments. Magazines achieve deep human connections with their audiences, leading to a more attentive consumer who is more open to commercial messaging and more inclined to trust what they discover there. In an age of adblocking and declining receptivity to advertising, this is a powerful environment for brands.”

Download the Spark presentation, Metrics that Matter.

Download the full Metrics that Matter report.

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