Download Innovation 2015 chapter: Will native advertising save or kill your brand?

How can you get it right? Bad native advertising is deadly; great native advertising is extremely lucrative. Is it worth the risk? How do you prevent readers from being hoodwinked? How do you build a team to creative high-quality native content? 

The Innovation in Magazine Media World Report looks at the opponents and the advocates, the kind of native content that works and how best to label it. 

Four trends and expectations for native advertising listed include:

1.   Increased standardisation of native advertising formats. Three of the six formats in the IAB “Native Ad Playbook” (Dec. 2013) — content recommendation, in-feed, and in-ad — are becoming standard. There are still too many, but 2015 should see a paring down as publishers discover what works and what doesn’t.

2.   A battle with brands over content creation and placement as brands are tempted to become publishers in their own right. To preserve our relationship with advertisers, we must establish ourselves as experts in story-telling and marketing, and help them both create the content and run the campaigns on our sites as well as on other appropriate venues.

3.   The placement of native advertising will be done more and more through programmatic means (see the Innovation 2015 chapter on programmatic advertising). Global market intelligence firm IDC projected that by 2018 native programmatic will exceed US$5 billion, nearly matching programmatic television advertising. The ease, laser-targeting, and measurability inherent in programmatic make its use with native advertising inevitable. As a result, publishers must gear up for programmatic, hiring experts and/ or training their staff to be ready to take advantage of this next step in the evolution of advertising.

4.   Big data will be put to use in native advertising to improve its relevance and measure results. Now, first and third party data will be put into play in native advertising planning and pivoting.

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