Innovation in Media 2022-23 World Report now available to members online

FIPP is delighted to announce the launch of this year’s Innovation in Media book, which has been written and produced by Juan Señor and the team at the Innovation Media Consulting Group. It’s the first time in two years that FIPP has published a print version of the report – which will be available to purchase at Congress – and members can download their very own digital version NOW for FREE!  

“This year’s incarnation of Innovation is more relevant to the global media industry than ever before,” says FIPP President & CEO, James Hewes, in his introduction to the report. “At a time when longstanding trends have been accelerated – through necessity – into the mainstream, media owners are beginning to truly recognise the importance of agility, and investing the profits from their legacy businesses into the products of tomorrow.”

“This year’s book offers a great starting point, and reflects an industry entering a new age not only in the wake of Covid, but as the content of media begins to re-emerge from the dominance of digital tech.”

The 2022-23 report contains chapters on eight key areas of innovation: 

  • Beyond the Third-Party Data Play: How to Build Your Own First-Party Data Operation
  • The Reinvention of a Medium – The Newsletter Economy
  • What’s Next? The Evolution of Audio
  • How to Run a Product Team & Build a Data-Driven Newsroom
  • New Media Tech: Artificial Intelligence, Robo Journalism and NFTs in Publishing
  • Best Retention Strategies: After the Covid subscription bump, how do you stop churn and retain reader revenue?
  • Best Digital Magazine Narratives – a showcase of best multimedia storytelling formats and products in the past year
  • Print & Offbeat: Our Annual Showcase of Creativity and Imagination

The digital version is freely available to members here, and print copies can be purchased at the following rates: 

  • €50 for members
  • €199 for non-members

Additionally, those attending Innovation Media Consulting’s session at FIPP Congress next week will receive a FREE print copy of the book, and you can find out further details on that front here.

As somebody who helped coordinate the publication of this year’s report (although had no direct hand in writing it I hasten to add!) I would just like to say a personal thank-you to all those involved in making this year’s Innovation book such a fabulous one:

  • UPM: who very kindly supplied the paper for the main text pages
  • Another key FIPP partner, PressReader, who you can find out more about in the book
  • Juan and his team, who as always were a joy to work with
  • And a special shoutout must go to Ben and his team at Celeritas, who printed the publication, and helped us out seamlessly in transitioning back to ‘multiplatform’ from ‘digital only’ this year!

Anyway, it’s not the Oscars is it, so that’s enough from me! But I would encourage everybody to take a look at what is undoubtedly the most insightful guide to the global media industry available today.  


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