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Read FIPP CEO James Hewes’ welcome letter

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Hello everyone and welcome to this year’s edition of the Innovation in Media World Report. One of the challenges of producing an annual report on innovation is to ensure that you are reflecting what you’re writing about — in this case by ensuring that the report is itself innovative.

We’ve therefore decided to completely overhaul the approach to the book for this year. To start with, you will notice our fabulous new design, which is intended to make the sections punchier and easier to read. Our designer, Vasco Ferreira, has done a fantastic job and I think the report has never looked better.

Our approach to covering innovation is completely different this year too. Rather than dive straight into business models, the report opens with the one area that we always say is the most important but very often omit to cover – people. 

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About Innovation Media Consulting

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The Innovation Report is written for FIPP every year by Innovation Media Consulting, a global consultancy helping publishers succeed in the digital age. The report author is John Wilpers, Senior Director USA of Innovation Media Consulting, and it is edited by Juan Señor, President.

Read the editors’ letter here.


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