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Chart of the week: Neuroscience indicates context matters in advertising

Content might be king, but context is queen. That could be the essence of research that shows that the perception of advertising and how it is memorised differs depending on the context it is shown in.

A brain science study conducted by Newsworks and the Association for Online Publishing (AOP) reveals that ads in quality editorial environments are more effective. For the study, 139 UK respondents were shown the same ads in different settings and their brain function was monitored by means of Steady State Topography (SST).

According to the study, premium content (such as newsbrands and magazines) score highest when it comes to engagement, understood as an indicator of how involved people are with what they are seeing. High levels of engagement are mostly triggered by material that is of personal relevance. Also, the respondents showed higher levels of emotional intensity, which relates to the strength of emotion being experienced. This helps to also create so-called long-term brand memory which affects purchasing behaviour.

While premium publishing environment outperforms social media in this respect, both environments have higher brain response rates than when users randomly browse the web.

Chart 12 Feb ()


Download the chart here.

Chart source: Statista

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