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Chart of the week: Creativity counts, but please be productive while you're at it

Being creative is seen as the most important characteristic employers look for these days in an employee. Thinking outside the box is all that matters on the mission to perpetual renewal and innovation. However, research by Adobe underscores that while creativity is seen as an important feature at work, at the end of the day it is productivity that counts. Something you can evaluate in numbers.

The dilemma being, that it’s hard to measure creativity in numbers. How long do you give people to be creative until their ideas need to be monetised? What’s the return of investment of letting somebody lie in the hammock for half a day to come up with a brilliant idea? Can you be truly creative if at the end of the year you’re being paid based on the numbers you churn out?

You’ve got to believe in something strongly and have trust in your employees to let them on the creative loose. While productivity is seen as the killer of creativity, things need to be thought up and created before they can be produced and counted.

Chart of the week creativity ()

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Source: Statista

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