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Download the FIPP Asia 2018 speaker presentations

View and download the speaker presentations from the FIPP Asia international conference, 14-15 September, Wuhan, China.


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Available presentations are listed below.
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Day 1

Ralph Büchi, Ringier Group and Ringier Axel Springer: How Ringier and Axel Springer tackle digital transformation (English)

James Liu Chairman, Trends Group: The transformation of Trends Group (Chinese)

Deepak Lamba, Worldwide Media: The transformation of Worldwide Media (English)

Pete Wootton, Dennis UK: How a magazine business became one of the UK’s top players in the automotive ecommerce space (English)

Yuko Tanaka, Nikkei Business Publications: The Nikkei Business Publications’ growth strategy (English)

Joe Martin, Dow Jones: Developing sustainable revenue models for quality journalism businesses (English)

Joseph Tsai, Studio Classroom: Effectively reach readers with efficient ways of storytelling (English, Chinese)

Feng Jie, Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House: How publishers evolve from the traditional role of content provider to content service facilitator (English, Chinese)

Song Yichao, Hubei Zhiyin Media Group: Building content extensions (Chinese)

Qin Na, Periodicals Agency of Shanghai University: How academic journals expand global recognition (English, Chinese)

Han Xindong, Anhui Merchants Magazine: Innovation in B2B magazines (Chinese)

Greg Piechota, Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford: How publishers should innovate in a world dominated by online platforms (English)

Fang Jun, Senior Internet Consultant and Author: Understanding and making money from the internet knowledge economy in China (Chinese)

Juan Señor, Innovation Media Consulting: Media innovation trends from around the world (English)


Day 2

James Hewes, FIPP: Key developments in the global media landscape (English)

Zhao Chen, GroupM: Developing trends in digital advertising around the globe (English, Chinese)

Liu Yanjun, CNKI: Periodical publishing transmission and application mode of knowledge based on new technology (Chinese)

Nikolay Malyarov, PressReader: How technology helps the development of new journalism and revenue model trends (English, Chinese)

Shi Quiming, Digital Communication Group: Technology driven monetisation of digital magazines (English, Chinese)

Dr. Yu Xiao, Zhiwei Data Co: Develop a deeper understanding of the social media ecosystem (Chinese)

Zhou Dan, Duzhe Publishing & Media: How to run a successful official WeChat account (Chinese)

Yvonne Wang, Hearst Media: Trends in luxury publishing (English)

Olivier Burlot, Heart Media: How and why this Singaporean publisher is tapping into blockchain and crypto-currency wealth (English)

Liu Guangwei, Easteat Culture Industry Group: Vertical Media and exploring new business opportunities (English, Chinese)

Jeong Kwang-Young, Korea Magazine Association: Magazine media trends in South Korea (English)


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