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[Webinar recording] A sneak peek into WoodWing’s next gen publishing solutions

[Sponsored] In a webinar for WoodWing earlier this week, the company provided a sneak peek into the next generation of their enterprise solution with a demo focused on enhanced flexibility for cross-device and channel publishing and enhancing efficiencies. A recording and slides from the webinar, held on 15 March, are available here.

WoodWing webinar ()

According to the company, the upcoming upgrade to WoodWing’s enterprise solution will cover key problems identified by publishers, including simplifying optimisation and re-use of content across devices and channels.

In addition to the WoodWing demo of new publishing features (see more below), media expert and consultant Andreas Pfeiffer shared thoughts. He touched on problem areas experienced by magazine media publishers including duplication of effort among teams, not repurposing content effectively, and the need for future-proofing their systems. In contrast, he highlighted the benefits of having a managed workflow system, including increasing efficiency, easy reuse of assets, optimising collaboration and automatically generating digital outputs.

Download the webinar slides here, and see the recording of the webinar here:

WoodWing demo

The WoodWing sneak peek preview included:

Digital articles: 

The webinar focused on example of a digital story and how content can be easily added into a variety of story components, used to give it structure, to make distribution across channels and devices seamless. An “instant article” feature shows how the article will look on a range of devices. The “focus point” feature demonstrates how an image can be changed to ensure the article looks visually attractive, irrespective of device. Articles can be published on various channels, including Adobe AEM, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News. A range of third party plugins is supported, including Pugpig, Twixl and Purple from Sprylab, while custom integrations are possible with WoodWing’s publishing API.

Print articles:

The webinar included a look at stages in the workflow and the ability to easily edit and tweak an article through Enterprise’s Content Station, Adobe InCopy or InDesign.

A new workflow approach:

In the past, print publishers created the print articles first and then had to manually apply a structure to be able to repurpose it for digital channels – a long, tedious exercise. The webinar showed how an article can be approached in a structured way for it to be useable across devices and channels with only minor tweaks required. This ensures the workflow approach becomes channel-neutral. This includes digital requirements such as SEO and responsiveness to devices as well as print requirements such as copy fitting and layout.

Find out more about “the next generation of Enterprise and speed up publishing processes” and get in touch with the team at WoodWing Software.

About WoodWing

WoodWing is a specialist in creating highly efficient solutions for all types of digital and print publications. Woodwing does this by working closely with their customers, partners and experts who specialise in industry market research and trends.

About Andreas Pfeiffer

Media expert Andreas Pfeiffer is a specialist in providing market-specific research and consulting to media producers and technology providers, with experience in driving magazine publications to success. His work has been highlighted in newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and Wired, Woodwing said in a release accompanying the webinar recording and slides. 

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