Introducing a new homepage for Quartz

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Quartz’s VP of product and executive editor, Zach Seward, is calling it a ‘welcome mat’ for readers. “The revamped homepage reflects the breadth of our coverage and the many forms that Quartz now takes at three years old: news stories, features, videos, emails, charts, obsessions, events, podcasts, social media, messaging, and more. It also emphasizes the bold, beautiful, and user-friendly design that you’ve come to expect from us,” Seward said in a post today.

With this new homepage, we’re taking our ad capabilities a level higher too. With Qualcomm as the launch sponsor, you’ll see new ad units throughout the homepage that continue our focus on bold and beautiful design without getting in the way of the reader. 

Contrary to some past belief, homepages aren’t dead so much as reborn. Check out Quartz’s revamped homepage on and read Zach Seward’s note to readers here. 

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