Kaldor & Incisive Media launch 24 fully interactive content apps

Incisive Media’s large-scale digital roll-out started with the launch of Investment Week in July 2015, and was followed by award-winning titles such as Post, which has been delivering hard-edged news and analysis for the insurance industry every week since 1840, and all the Risk and Trading Technology brands. By using Pugpig Professional across all apps, Incisive Media were able to set up a scalable infrastructure and repurpose templates to work across all brands, which helped the team reduce costs and benefit from economies of scale.

All Incisive Media titles are available on iOS, Android and the web and allow subscribers to consume the most up-to-date content on-the-go with features such as offline reading, scrapbooking favourites and social media sharing.

“We’re really pleased to have worked so closely with Incisive Media and their industry-leading B2B brands over the past few months,” says Jonny Kaldor, CEO and co-founder of software house Kaldor. “It’s exciting to see the speed at which app roll-out projects on this scale can now be delivered to our clients. Incisive Media are committed to delivering high-quality journalism to their subscribers, and with these new apps that feature-rich content is now accessible to users wherever they are.”

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Source: What’s New in Publishing

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