Kaya Media plays a critical role in training those with no background or experience in the industry

In Korea, there are currently about 4,000 different magazines in the market. This number is quite a lot relative to the population and to other countries’ markets. However, there are only two institutions that educate those who wish to work in the magazine industry: Kaya School of Magazine and the one run by Korea Magazine Association.

Despite its high economic value and young people’s needs for specialised education, any proper training system or curriculum has not been established, which results in high dependence, over seventy percent on the licensed magazines.

From a workplace’s standpoint, since it requires time and money to train a person to become a specialist, most companies prefer hiring those who are experienced enough and ready to work right away. This is especially true for the field of editors in the magazine industry who have to deal with the hectic deadlines every month.

Due to the current market situation where there are no appropriate education institutions with courses specialising in the magazine industry, the employers tend to be desperate to look for specialists and end up with the excessive competition to hire experienced people.

To solve this issue, Kaya School of Magazine was established; to solve the problem that has been pointed out to be the endemic problem in the Korean magazine industry, and Kaya plays a critical role in training those with no background or experience in the industry. We strictly focus on the ‘magazine’ whereas most of journalism courses in Korea focus on newspapers and broadcasting. Also we take multidisciplinary approaches to magazine journalism so that the graduates can be qualified editors who know how to direct a whole magazine, set trends, visualise images, interview, and write articles. 

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Kaya School of Magazine is confident that the courses they offer benefit students with basic knowledge, background, and hands-on experience, which are taught by the top specialists who have been taking excellent and leading roles in the current magazine industry. It benefits not only students with an interest in the magazine industry, but also the employers in the field such as editors, art directors, and so forth, who are invited to lecture at Kaya School of Magazine since they can recruit talented students after completing all courses.

In the end, it will establish an industrial-educational cooperative system and Kaya School of Magazine hope to play a role in setting such virtuous circle in Korean magazine industry.

More details about the course are on Kaya Media’s website or on FIPP’s website here

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