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Future announces the launch of FourFourTwo Turkey

Football magazine FourFourTwo expands with the arrival of its new partner in Turkey: Lobby Lobos. The brand initially entered the Turkish market in 2006.


FourFourTwo ()


Future has revamped FourFourTwo Turkey to develop the FFT brand in a market where 83 million people follow football. Future and Lobby Lobos Advertising will integrate ecommerce solutions and establish dialogue between teams.

Can Elmas, the new editor-in-chief, said: “FourFourTwo Turkey has always been the magazine everybody considered to be a guiding light. But in the same way that othercfootball titles went through, it faced significant problems during the digitisation process.cWe have since agreed to a new economic model that will be an example for all in the newcera of FFT Turkey and Future Plc. In a world that is becoming more and more digital, wecwill lead our competitors again.”

FFT Turkey aims to become the first audio-magazine of Turkey, too, to establish a new relationship with football fans. They have created the ‘FourFourTwo Reserve Team’, which aims to bring new sports journalists and writers aged 18-24 into the industry and showcase their work to a wider audience.

FFT-branded products and other eommerce solutions are in the pipeline to help the brand grow, but FourFourTwo Turkey’s fundamental aim is to make a positive contribution to football journalism.


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