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There are two courses offered, and both are 15-weeks long: the theory course and the practical course. In the theory course, five weeks of lectures are focused on “how to write a magazine article,” providing in-depth and detailed learning on the unique points of a magazine articles, various formats, and the full and detailed process of writing a magazine article based on an interview. 

All the lecturers at Kaya School of Magazine are editors and specialists in their field. It is a perfect environment for those who are planning to enter the magazine industry, but do not have sufficient knowledge or background, to gain know-how from specialists in the magazine, fashion, photography, design, and other related industries. 

After this module, the students will have gained detailed knowledge on each and every process of writing a magazine article. Starting from planning and researching an interview, and recruiting the interviewee, through to conducting an interview and selecting photos – in order to produce a well-written article.

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Those who complete the courses of Kaya School of Magazine will build an impressive portfolio in the magazine industry by accumulating the valuable assets with the fundamental knowledge and the relevant feedback from the experienced instructors who are actively involved in the creation and publication of magazines. One of the alumni from the course is editor, Jiwon Kwon, from Esquire Korea. This is their account of the course:

“A magazine is something that is not considerably useful or beneficial, but is hard to give up, like a cup of ice cream. It does not give you much, but it feels a little empty to not look at it at all. My room is filled with magazines, but I feel bad to throw them all away. Magazines are like this to me. When I was a child, my dream job and magazines had nothing to do with each other. I wanted to become a vet before I figured that it needed an academic degree from a medical school. When I grew up a little more, I then became interested in becoming an editor. It is not an easy job that I can have just because of having interest in magazines and fashion. I wanted to become an editor, but to me it was something out of my reach at that time.

I did not know how long I had to be an assistant, and even if I did, I was not sure if I could become an editor after that. I was insecure and anxious, so I applied to big companies and interned, but I did not have fun at all.

And then, one day I saw the ad for Kaya School of Magazine, and that an internship opportunity is given after completion. After hearing that there are people working as editors at Esquire Korea after their internship, I did not hesitate to apply, and that is how I became a student at Kaya School of Magazine. I heard detailed stories from professionals in the magazine field every week and was able to publish a magazine of our own with my fellow students towards the end of the curriculum. 

Even though the articles I wrote were embarrassing and made me blush, where else could I have experienced such valuable lessons other than at Kaya School of Magazine? After Kaya School and six months of internship I became “Editor Kwon.” The only thing that changed was my email and desk, but I could never forget the feeling of stepping into the building as a real editor.

Kaya School of Magazine is like a cherry on top of an ice cream. If you are a person who loves magazines, then Kaya School of Magazine is something you must experience, an experience that will not let you down and an opportunity that you should not miss – because there is usually only one cherry on top. The fastest person gets to taste the cherry.” 

Kaya School of Magazine was established to contribute to the advancement in the magazine industry and to educate people who have a passion towards magazines. Anyone with an interest in magazine journalism and magazine industry can apply for the course.

For more details about the courses go to Kaya Media’s or FIPP’s website.

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