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On transformation: 

Frederic Kachar, CEO and chairman of Editora Globo in Brazil, says consumers expect a multi-platform approach today. From transformation to innovation, to social, mobile, video and programmatic: “Basically we need to be where our readers are… We want our readers to have a seamless experience when moving from one platform to another.”

On digital trends:

Aroon Purie, chairman and editor-in-chief of India Today Group has this to say: “In terms of further digital trends, we are seeing that personal content distribution – apps such as SnapChat and WhatsApp – is being experimented with by news providers. These apps offer a more personal means of communication than something like a push notification and are ideal for reaching a younger target audience. Also, look out for podcasts continuing their ‘renaissance’ in 2015, particularly in content marketing.”

On dominant platforms:

Joe Ripp, chairman and CEO, Time Inc said: “We believe we have an advantage when investing in areas that are adjacent to our existing businesses, brands and competencies. This includes experiential or live media, digital platforms that service the passion points in our lives, millennial and mobile-first content verticals, commerce and data.” 

On “months to moments”:

Duncan Edwards, president and CEO, Hearst Magazines International says: “It’s critical that we think differently about what we do online compared with what we put in our monthly magazines, which have much longer lead-in times. That is what has really driven this catchphrase of ‘months to moments’”. 

On organisational strategy:

Peter Kreisky, chairman of The Kreisky Media Consultancy outlines strategies for successful leadership: “Strong senior leadership has been critical – to ensure people embrace change, to ensure they adapt to the new corporate strategy and to give permission to the entire organisation to change.”

Other special features in Magazine World include Immediate Media’s CEO, Tom Bureau on its platform strategy and unlocking more value from engaged consumers, plus the video strategy from Tsuguhiko Kadokawa, chairman of the Kadokawa Corporation. Also the ecommerce strategy behind the launch of Graziashop from Zeno Pellizzari, general manager, Mondadori International and Sanoma’s Fashionchick from Ellen Snijders, founder and brand and strategy director.

Media brands uncovered include: Politico, Auto Bild, Business Insider, Unruly, AllRecipes, WatchTime, Burda Style, TenCent/WeChat and the Cannes Lions Festival.

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