Media Service Zawada launches Mamy i MiniMi+ in Poland

Media Service Zawada has launched a new magazine for parents and children in Poland, called Mamy i MiniMi+.

Mamy i MiniMi+ is available on iOS and Android and targets parents with pre-school children. The app includes interactive games, videos, songs and stories, but also contains information for parents. The magazine has been launched in co-operation with MiniMini +, a children’s TV channel.

Chairman of MSZ, Zed Zawada, said: “I’ve never met a parent of a young child with a tablet who doesn’t let the kid play with it. Instead of bemoaning this development in the context of ‘the death of print’ we have produced a magazine that provides safe, current, high quality entertainment and education for children, while rewarding the parent with relevant, instantly useful parenting content. Our partner, MiniMini+ sees it as an important extension of their TV offering, we see it as an equally important extension of our paper magazine portfolio, even more significantly both our readers and our advertisers fully agree.”

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