MPA data shows mobile is key driver of audience growth

The Brand Audience Report, which shows that total audience is up 6.7 per cent over a year ago, reveals that mobile web growth is the biggest indicator of overall audience growth. Of the 89 brands that experienced total audience growth, 83 per cent of those brands increased their average mobile web audiences in September. Conversely, of the 43 brands whose total audience declined over the same period, 60 per cent reported declines in mobile web audiences. 

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“While we are not surprised that mobile and video audiences are growing at a substantial rate, we find it noteworthy that growth—or lack of it—on the mobile web platform is a clear indicator of overall audience growth,” said Linda Thomas Brooks, president and CEO, MPA—The Association of Magazine Media.

As in prior reports, the video platform continues to grow by double digits. In this most recent report, 60 per cent of the participating brands now generate reportable video audiences. Only 30 per cent of the participating brands had reportable video data two years ago. The print platform, which includes digital editions, is holding steady with a slight 1.2 per cent increase.

The Social Media Report reveals that while the Facebook growth rate is slowing (3.8 per cent this quarter vs. 5.5 per cent last quarter), it continues to dominate the other platforms. Facebook has 450 million Likes across magazine media brands, while Twitter has less than half the comparable Followers at 218 million. The most significant growth is coming from Instagram which added more new Followers (18 million) than Facebook added new Likes (17 million).

“We are particularly pleased that magazine media brands’ content plays such a significant role in engaging audiences on social media,” said Thomas Brooks. “And despite a barrage of new platforms and properties, we are delighted that consumers continue to demand print. Across the ecosystem, whether it be reading a print magazine, watching a video on a mobile device, or sharing a Facebook post, audiences are passionate about their favourite magazine media brands and committed to interactions on every platform.”

MPA is a member of FIPP.

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